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                            A Field Force friendly solution for Increased Sales

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  • Lack of real time visibility into field activities
  • Manual and time consuming reporting
  • Lack of real time market intelligence
  • Failing to achieve target sales revenue
  • No access to centralized data anytime anywhere

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  • Track, control and direct Field Force
  • Access customer buying pattern on the Go
  • Order entry and Visit details through Mobile  
  • Achieve Business continuity and Discipline 
  • Powerful analysis of field and market data 





    Why middlepathFFA?


  • Simple to comprehend, simple to use
  • Cost effective
  • Domain expertise and the global experience
  • Pay only after realization of the value
  • Minimum implementation time


Thank you for the good CRM.
Ajay Kumar, Head - sales and marketing AIETS Pvt. Ltd.
The work done for me is outstanding. The team at middlepath is very responsive. I have recommended 2 friends to engage with middlepath for their project needs.
Joe Lesher Arizona, US
Since we started using middlepathCRM, I have a lot more time for my actual work and a lot more useful data. middlepathCRM has been fantastic for me and the company, middlepath team is reliable, efficient and they understand client requirements
Binu S J, Sales Director, McoH
I liked Middlepath eFMS and signed up for my company ‘Learning Khazana'.
- Mr.Tibarewala, Learning Khazana

Clients and Partners


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middlepath Education Franchise Management System (middlepatheFMS) is an easy to use and easy to own tool to manage all your Education Franchise operations.

As the Business owner, you can create Franchises, register faculties, create Training schedules, issue certificates to students, set up fees structure, set up royalty breakup, do financial transactions, manage Inventory, manage Logistics and view reports to keep tab on operations. You can create State users, District Users, Area Users, create hierarchy structures, set up workflows for them, and define access levels for these users. These users can create Franchise, Faculty, Trainings and perform financial transaction in their jurisdiction. You can review and approve their requests and monitor their transactions.

You can create Franchise users who can register Students for their franchises, take payments from Students, issue fee receipts, create student batches, assign Faculties to batches, perform student assessment, request for certificates, print the issued certificates, perform financial transactions for their Franchises, stock order requests. You can review and approve their requests and monitor their transactions.

01/03/2013 - Sales Director of one of our Customer’s company had this to say about our software. 

“Since they started using our middlePath CRM software,he is having lot more time for his actual work and has a lot more useful data. middlepathCRM Software has been fantastic for him and his company”.


Inventory module has been designed and developed so that it can be used as an independent module on its own or it can be integrated in to any other system the Customers may be using already.




  Inventory transactions                                                        Reports                                                                 Masters

           -  Purchase Receipt                                                            - Inventory by Item                                                 - Warehouse Master

         -   Purchase Returns (Issue)                                                - Inventory by Item and Warehouse                      - Locations Master

         -   Production Receipt                                                           - Inventory by Transaction History                         - Reason Codes Master

         -   Production Return                                                             - Cycle Counting history                                        - Batch Master(Lot)

         -   Production Issue                                                               - Inventory Blocking

         -  Sales Issue

         -  Sales Returns (Receipt)

         -  Transfers

         -  Inv. Adjustment

         -  Cycle Count Adjustment




Sales module has been designed and developed so that it can be used as an independent module on its own or it can be integrated in to any other system the Customers may be using already.

  •  Order Acquisition
  •  Order Entry
  •  Order Acceptance
  •  Order Fill
  •  Allocate Lots (Pick)
  •  Generate Invoice
  •  Confirm Shipping
  •  Post Invoice to ERP






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HEICO Bangalore   

I Connect, Dhaka,  Bangaladesh   

Live PC Connect, Miami, USA     

Cinnamon LLP,Bangalore,India                   

Field Force Automation.                                                                   

Field Force Automation.                                                                   

Ticket management system.                                                                      

Mobile based and Cloud based Field
data collection and 

LearningKhazana      aiets Navlipi NJ,USA.


Mumbai, India Pvt.Ltd.,New Delhi,

Navlipi, NJ,USA.                                     

MCo Hospitals Pvt.Ltd.,Bangalore, India                        

Education Franchise Management(eFMS) on

Sales Force Automation and
Lead Management software
on cloud                                                   

Developing Keyboards for
Navlipi script.                                                         

Marketing, order processing and
Manufacturing Software product





Atlas Integrated olutions,Arizona,USA 


Antiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore,India                                

One Neck IT Services Corporation,Arizona, USA                                        Nootra Inc, USA                                                                                                
Administration console and third party front office module development
on hospital management system 

IT Consulting 



ERP Consulting


Development and Support


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PLC, (PSOS), USA. Virtuoso Academy Pvt.Ltd., Hyderabad, India    
Design and Develop
online health profiling
and host it on cloud
Design and Develop Franchisee
operations software and
host it on cloud
IT Training  

IT Consulting

IT systems are a critical component of business planning and execution. Most organizations spend considerable amount of time and money on managing mission critical systems taking away those resources that could be spent on their core competency. Our services could help you put valuable resources to optimum use. After review of your existing IT systems (hardware and software), processes and procedures we could advice on optimization, cost reduction and on-going maintenance strategies.

ERP Consulting

In today’s Businesses world, time is of essence. However, given the complexities within ERP and integrations involved to support disparate systems, being able to respond to changes quickly is a critical business necessity. Business needs have been evolving; it is no more enough to implement base modules for manufacturing, distribution and finance. Integration with e-commerce, e-procurement and e-marketing, just to name a few, involves quite a bit of technology, standards and investment that takes organizations resources away from their core competency. In cases where business needs new software to support growth, it is even more critical to select and implement the right fit solution.

In-depth knowledge of application software integration while meeting changing business needs takes experience and project management skills. We at MiddlePath Technology Solutions strive to provide “Just Right” solutions based on customer needs. Whether it is design and development of an interface to an existing system, customization or selection, implementation and support of a complete new solution, it will be “Just Right” based on customer needs. We have the skill set and experience to integrate application systems that can use strengths from existing system while combining new technology to provide for ease of use and future growth.


Case Study - Baan ERP Consulting

Project Management

Project Management is a crucial piece for project success. While it needs to be done in a professional manner, it does not have to be a burden on your pay-roll. We can manage projects for you with performance based remuneration.


Case Study - Project management

Our Services include:

  • Software selection
  • Implementation and Training
  • Functional Support
  • Application and database administration
  • Development, Customization and enhancements
  • Testing Services
  • Migration and Upgrade services
  • Testing services

Application Development

Applications are developed at MiddlePath Technology Solutions on platforms that are reliable and tools with a proven track record. Microsoft .NET framework coupled with Microsoft SQL Server Database is our chosen development platform. Our products and services are built using the latest cutting edge technologies like Silverlight, WPF, WCF, Microsoft Azure, Responsive Web Design, Crystal reports to name a few. We can build custom applications to suit your business needs using industry standards that allow for smooth upgrades and maintenance. Our customers benefit from our vast experience in analysis, design and development\customization of business applications.

Case study : Software development

Customer Requirement:

Software Development, testing and customer support services.



Middlepath Technology Solutions partnered with the customer to provide the customer required services in the areas of Software development. Since the Customer was a startup company, Middlepath Technology Solutions, kind of agreed to an outcome based billing. Middlepath Technology solutions supported Customer with testing on windows and iMac machines across various browsers. Helped the customer with identifying and fixing various development issues.


Tools and Technology used:

Manual testing, online bug tracker, PHP, JSON, XCode, iPhone APIs



Since the Customer was in startup mode, processes were not fully implemented. We had to work with the customer to explain and justify the estimates.


Current status:

Testing and Software  development support under progress. Customer support services expected in the future.







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